Don Wallach, LMFT, LPCC
Your Champion for Happier Relationships

My Approach

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for over 20 years, I have helped hundreds of couples to improve their connection, repair their relationships and create happier marriages. In that time I have found that most couples get stuck around similar issues. That’s why I have developed a method to address the places where couples can get stuck, and help them improve their communication, repair the damage to their relationship, and move on into a happier, more present, more connected, and more passionate marriage.

In sessions, I help couples become aware of their patterns of automatic responses they have to their partner, and help them choose different ways of responding.  I help each member of the couple express their needs in clearer ways – that help their partner finally understand what they have been asking for, over and over. Sometimes a spouse who had been asking, finally gives up asking, feeling like they’ve been painfully banging their head against a wall, over and over again.

My Story

For over 20 years couples and individuals have come to me for help with their marriage and relationship challenges. I have worked with people of all different ages. Some had been together for decades and still got stuck in painful interactions. Some couples had been together for less than a year, and already knew they were stuck and needed help. I worked out an approach that helps couples learn how to express their needs in a better way, and to learn how to understand their partners needs in a more effective say, from what they had been doing previously.

I received my master’s degree in Psychology from the Professional School of Psychology.  As an intern, I worked with adolescents and adults with serious mental illness, in residential treatment facilities.  I later was the Director of a residential treatment facility for emotionally disturbed adolescents, in Santa Rosa.

I occasionally teach classes for couples on how to have better relationships and improve communication skills.

Visit me in my Petaluma Office in the heart of Sonoma County

I am available to meet with you personally for a couples session or an individual strategy session about your relationship.

I see couples who:
  • Are stuck in patterns of poor communication
  • Believe there is something wrong with their relationship
  • Have ongoing unresolved conflicts with their spouse, child or in-laws

My specialties are marriage counseling and help with relationship problems at work, at home, with friends and family.

I offer a complimentary 10 minute Relationship Assessment to explore what’s going on in your relationship and ways I can help you.

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