The Lady Gaga Homework Assignment

Men and women have some very different needs.  It is important to understand the needs of your partner. If your partner is of a different gender, you may think that they have the same reality as you because they are also human.  Don’t be deceived by this type of thinking.  Yes…in some ways your partner shares a similar experience of reality…but in some ways they are quite different.

Now…there are always a few exceptions to what I’m about to tell you about the difference between men and women.  Sure, sometimes a man has a similar response to what most women do, and sometimes women have a similar response to what most men do.  But here is something that women frequently complain about — something that men rarely do, but something women want their man to do.  Women complain that their husband/boyfriend rarely takes them out on dates anymore, at least not so much since they were married.  This complaint doesn’t happen in the first year or so, but usually after a couple of years of marriage.

Now what is equally upsetting to women is:  they sometimes do go out and the man seems to have nothing to say.  Maybe some men experience that too about their partner.  But those men are not coming into my office to complain, it’s only the women.  Sometimes also, men working with me individually will tell me that their wife told them it’s upsetting that they seem to have nothing to say.

These two issues: not dating and having nothing to say, are upsetting to women.  Not because they are crazy or have problems, but because women are different.  They do need dates and they need conversation (yes…there may be some exceptions.   Maybe I’ll finally meet one of these exceptions some day).

Rather than fighting reality, I usually suggest that the man adapt to reality…and by doing so, keeping their woman happy.

For a man reading this, taking action based on reality here would mean:  take your wife out on a date…and have something to talk about.  You or she may be bored with talking about work.  It may not feel like a date if you’re just talking about the kids.  So…what do you talk about?

Well, current events could provide a topic.  But if you are a man, out with a women you may want to talk about something that has either emotions or relationships in the topic.  A frequently popular topic that fits the bill is talking about the lives of famous people.  Commonly men don’t seem so interested in this yet women do seem to enjoy this topic.  Yes, there are plenty of exceptions, but in general this seems to be true.

Who’s in the news right now: someone that could have their life or relationship exposed…and maybe someone that does dramatic and sexy things in public?  Well as of the writing of this article: it could be Brad and Angelina…it could even be Jennifer Aniston…or many others.  But a dramatic option could be Lady Gaga.  She’s in the news constantly.  You can find all sorts of information about her on TV, online, in the newspaper and especially in magazines such as People, Us,  or InStyle. 

The “Homework”: What I sometimes suggest to men, is to repress their gag reaction, pick up one of those magazines, get some talking points from them about Lady Gaga, and then…try it out on your wife when the conversation lags, or you find yourself with nothing to talk about beyond work or the kids.  This would be a research project – to see what happens if you bring up this kind of topic.

The point here is not to become shallow and materialistic…just to research what works in creating some interesting conversation and a way to build some kind of connection with your partner.

If you are a man reading this, you may know this research project is for you if your wife has complained that the two of you no longer have anything to talk about.  Even if she has not made that complaint, it would still be good research…just to find out what your wife may respond to.  Either way, you can’t lose:  either you find something that she likes, or you find out she doesn’t like talking about famous people in the news.

And that…is the Lady Gaga Homework Assignment.

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